Recall FAQs

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The NHTSA conducts thorough safety tests to ensure that vehicles, car seats, car tires, and all associated equipment perform exactly as intended without major defects. Sometimes, these tests reveal factory defects that pose a safety risk to drivers. If that happens, the government organization issues a safety recall. 

What happens next once the recall is issued? You will receive an official recall notification. Then, the manufacturer must fix the problem free of charge. All you’ll need to do is bring your vehicle to an authorized service center like our own! We will take care of you once you bring your vehicle here.

How Do I Check for Recalls On My Car?

As long as your vehicle is properly registered, you will automatically receive a recall notice from the manufacturer if a recall exists. You can also check for recalls on your car by searching its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number is unique to your vehicle. You’ll find it on the certification label on the driver’s door when you open it and see it affixed to the side of the door panel. It might also be on a specialized plate permanently affixed to the panel inside the windshield on the driver’s side. You can see this VIN plate through the windshield when looking on the outside.

and drivers of older models should understand the VIN search is only available for recalls issued within the last 15 years. Contact the Customer Relationship Center to look for recalls on vehicles older than 15 years. The NHTSA has a VIN lookup tool to find out if your car is on the list.

Why Does My Car Have a Recall?

Recalls on your vehicle are issued when there is a defect in performance, construction, a component, or material of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment, as stated by the NHTSA. But what, exactly, constitutes a defect for a vehicle? 

The NHTSA defines a safety defect as any problem that exists in a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment that:

  • Poses a risk to motor vehicle safety.
  • May exist in a group of vehicles of the same design or manufacture.
  • May exist in items of equipment of the same type and manufacture.

There Are Recalls On My Car. What Should I Do Next?

You know how to check for recalls on your car, but what are the next steps if your car does have a recall? is committed to your safety and the safety of your family. You can count on Five Star Automotive Group to go above and beyond to come through with high standards as stated by the manufacturer. 

All recall repairs will be performed by our certified and factory-trained technicians at no charge. To ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, our service center provides -area drivers with loaner vehicles or shuttles to get around. All you need to do is contact us to schedule your recall repair service at a time convenient for you.

Discuss Recall Repairs With Us

We hope you found this recall FAQ guide helpful. As always, our service center in Milledgeville is here to help! Want more peace of mind? Whether you’re a driver in or , we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty with every new vehicle purchase.


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