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There are tons of electric vehicle benefits that convert drivers to the EV and hybrid segments every day. Still, other drivers have questions. ​​Is it expensive to maintain an EV? Are EVs more reliable? What EV fuel economy can you expect? Five Star Automotive Group is here to help shed light on the issue with our EV FAQs. Read on for our research, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you have!

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Electric vehicles may be known for fuel-friendly performance, but you might be surprised by how many electric vehicle benefits you’ll enjoy on the roads. What are some of the reasons to switch from gas to electric?

  • Fewer Emissions: Combustion engines run on gasoline and produce emissions as the gas burns. Because EVs use an electric motor, they use don’t use gas and don’t produce as many pollutants.
  • Electricity is Renewable: Electricity is a more versatile way to power your car. While charging stations are the most common way to fuel up, electric cars have the potential to run on other renewable energy sources like wind and solar in the future.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: A traditional engine makes more noise than you might realize. Once you get behind the wheel of an EV, you’ll notice a significant difference in road noise, which means quiet, relaxing travels.
  • Great, Consistent Performance: Electric motors deliver near-instantaneous torque for a lively ride. And with the large selection of EVs on the market, you can easily find a model that suits your driving needs.

Is It Expensive to Maintain an EV?

Is it expensive to maintain an EV? You might be surprised to learn that electric vehicles typically have lower maintenance costs than a traditional gas-powered car. EVs have fewer moving parts compared to a traditional car, and there’s no engine upkeep at all. In fact, you can say goodbye to the following maintenance services:

  • Oil changes
  • Gasket replacements
  • Cooling system flushes
  • Belt replacements
  • Spark plugs

Are EVs More Reliable?

Are EVs more reliable? Because there are fewer moving parts, EVs are also incredibly reliable. The biggest concern is keeping your battery charged. And unlike a gas-powered vehicle, you can even take care of fueling up in your very own garage! So in many ways, an EV is more reliable than a traditional model.

Should I Set Up a Charging Station in My Garage?

Setting up a charging station in your home can offer even more benefits for your everyday driving experience. Then you can top off your battery overnight while you sleep. If you forget to plug in overnight, no need to worry. Due to the rising popularity of EV models, you can find charging stations all over the area.

Learn More About EVs with Five Star Automotive Group

Want to learn more about electric vehicles? Contact us at Five Star Automotive Group to discuss how EVs can work for your busy lifestyle. We’d be happy to show off our new inventory and get you behind the wheel, so get in touch with us at any time.


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